Thursday, July 25, 2013

iOS 7 Beta 4 Release:

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, Apple released OS X Mavericks Beta 4 a sign that the company may not let a recent hack of its developer program interfere with its beta process and a sign that the iOS 7 beta 4 release could still be on track.
Last week, Apple’s Developer portal was taken offline though at the time, the reasons were unknown. Apple then confirmed that it took the Developer portal offline due to a hack and that “developers’ names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses may have been accessed.” The Developer portal remains down as of 11:04 AM PST and there is no word on when it will go back online with Apple saying that it expects it to be back online soon.
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Apple released a new OS X Mavericks beta yesterday, a sign that a recent hack hasn't slowed it down.
Apple released a new OS X Mavericks beta yesterday, a sign that a recent hack hasn’t slowed it down.
With Apple focusing on bringing the Developer portal back online and yesterday marking two weeks since the release of an iOS 7 beta, many, including developers, have been wondering if the downtime affected Apple’s highly anticipated iOS 7 beta 4 release.
The company is currently in the middle of testing its new iOS 7 software and since it was announced in June, Apple has released a new beta every two weeks, the latest release being iOS 7 beta 3. And with iOS 7 beta 3 currently boasting a number of bugs including incoming calls not ringing on the iPhone and or not showing a missed call marker, developers and iOS 7 beta users are hoping for the release of a new beta.

Yesterday marked two weeks since the arrival of iOS 7 beta 3 and while Apple had delivered in the past, yesterday came and went without a release of an iOS 7 beta. However, it did not come without a beta release as Apple pushed out the fourth beta of its new OS X software, OS X Mavericks.
While this isn’t necessarily confirmation that an iOS 7 beta 4 release is imminent, it could mean that the Developer portal downtime is not affecting Apple’s beta release schedule and that the company, despite the past, never planned on issuing the iOS 7 beta 4 software on July 23rd.
Indeed, Apple seemed to be following a pattern with its iOS 7 beta releases but because the company never releases iOS 7 beta release dates ahead of time, there is no telling whether or not it had plans to release an iOS 7 beta on Monday, every two weeks. Apple’s beta releases in the past, have been a little harder to predict as can be seen in this iOS beta history chart below from Will Hains.
iOS beta release timing hasn't been exactly the same through the years.
iOS beta release timing hasn’t been exactly the same through the years.
With iOS 7 beta 3 not set to expire until the end of August, August 29th to be exact, there is still plenty of time for an iOS 7 beta 4 release to emerge. However, there are some signs that the iOS 7 beta 4 release could come sooner than that, possibly as soon as Wednesday, a date that has picked up some credibility thanks to Apple’s release of the new OS X Mavericks beta.

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